mud and feathers

I, an old vagabond, have shaken my beggar's satchel,
and this is what came out.

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Fresh Bon Vivant Ramblings in Jim-Dandy Dilettanteism

Spring Break

See You in A Few!

32. Lucid Dream Techniques

Six Easy Tips

31. The Girls In The Van

Meister Eckhart Burlesque

30. lamentations

Five Song EP

29. Pumpkin Pancakes

A Lazy Yet Delicious Post

28. Arvo Mighty Love

My Fine Feathered Friend

27. Nothing Is What It Seems

A Few Long-winded Anecdotes To Tickle Your Fancy

26. Zeus and Me

5 Unique Things About My Novel In Progress

25. Sing The Beloved

Robbery Scene Soundtrack Remix

24. Brain In A Vat

A DJ Motato Loop (But First: My Life in The Gutter)

23. My First Best Friend

Eleven Lines

22. World Peace Challenge

21 Push-ups for 21 Days

21. Ode à l'odeur de LA

From My Novel In-Progress

20. Kodachrome Slides

1953 to 1957

19. One Year on The Rock

Photos From Salt Spring Island

18. The Christmas Elves

Run Run Run (From The Machines)

17. The Christmas Baby Club

Shadows of Things That Have Been

Enjoying My Vacation

I'll Be Back Next Week!

What I'm Doing Now

This Must Be The Place

16. Home For The Holidays

A Tragedy

15. Ice Cold Blue

A Brand New Hit Song!

14. white jelly bean

an untitled poem

13. This Election Season

Confessions of a Progressive Socialist

12. TearDownTown

The Complications of Human Greed

11. Blasting Out of The Gate

How to Jump-Start a Big Writing Project

10. New Home Slideshow

Further Up Into The Woods

09. Lucid Dreamsharing

Can You Fly? Have You Walked Through Walls?


Spirit in the Night

07. A Drinking Story

Plus: Upon The Eating of 7 Fortune Cookies

06. Profiles in Pooh Bears

The inimitably eminent Rob Foster

05. Balls OUT!!

A Nutty, Culture Jamming Reality Show

04. The Six Perfections

The Keys to Happiness

03. WHY

Are you writing?

02. Glass of Beer

Ioneseco, Keaton, Beckett—all my favorite clowns

01. Do I Owe You Money?

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