Arvo Mighty Love

My Fine Feathered Friend

Satori Dog | Friday 03 March 2017

I love small birds. Parakeets, parrotlets, canaries — what can I say, I think they are so dang cute. Arvo Mighty Love is my white canary friend (Arvo after my favorite Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, Mighty Love after that great Spinners song). Arvo's quite the singer, which is what male canaries do, but whenever I've tried to stick a camera or microphone near his cage when he was on a roll, he always shut the whole thing down.

Over the past few years, Arvo has gone progressively blind, and he's now completely blind, which means I can get a camera and tripod pretty close to his cage. Here's a recent sampling of his work, below. The consummate showman, he has a perfect stage entrance and well-deserved bows at the end.

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