Sing The Beloved

Robbery Scene Soundtrack Remix

Satori Dog | Friday 10 February 2017

Whenever you’re writing a work of fiction, there’s usually a question at the center of the work that you’re exploring, creatively speaking. Sometimes you find it during the course of the process, but usually (it's better) if you know what that question is up front, as it's often the one key element that can make your work more masterful.

It doesn't have to be overt. In fact, the more sprezzatura the better. My end of the world romance between Zeus and Shakti was written in direct response to a film by David Gordon Green, "All the Real Girls," in which he seemed to be suggesting a double standard when it came to cheating in relationships. (Who knew I was such a feminist?)

I shot a short film a few years ago down in Monterey Bay, called "Sing The Beloved," about an older brother who once saved the life of his younger brother, and who enlists (or rather, guilts) him into helping him with a robbery. I was exploring the idea of family at that time, specifically: should you do or put up with anything, no matter how wrong or immoral or hurtful it might be, just because someone is family?

It was a question I had been pondering for quite some time. Personally, I don't think so. I think this stance causes more problems than it's worth. The character Juan took a different view.

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